Things that are important to me and my work.


To spread the joy of data and numbers.


To provide market research that has an impact and to have fun doing it!  


Objectivity – Sometimes research doesn’t give us answers we want to hear, but it will always give us answers that we can turn into actions.  I always look at both sides of the story in a calm and rational way.

Connection – I’ll happily work with you on a one off project, but I really enjoy building relationships so I hope you’ll see the benefits of long term partnership and come back for more insight.

Simplicity – I am a numbers geek, I work with a lot of data, lots of numbers, lots of spreadsheets.   I will analyse and translate those numbers into meaningful information and will report in plain English, giving you a clear, actionable plan.

Integrity – In the age of “fake news” everything we do is under scrutiny, as a member of the Market Research Society I adhere to their Code of Conduct which ensures all research is conducted and reported in an appropriate manner.  Your data will tell the truth.

Joyfulness – Life is too short to not enjoy your work.  I believe you can have fun while still delivering exceptional results.  I appreciate that market research can be seen as dull, boring or even a dark art, but I aim to make your research project an enjoyable experience.

Social Responsibility.

I know, I know – this is a huge buzz word at the moment.   But I’ve been harping on about this for years.   Small changes will have big impact, if lots of people do lots of small things then the impact will be huge.  You CAN make a difference.

I love working with people who think like me, those who believe that people and the planet are of equal importance to profit.  We need to do all we can to ensure we protect our planet and people.

What I am doing now.
-Continuing to educate myself, reading and learning.
-Volunteering as a Business Advisor for the Young Enterprise initiative.
-Mentoring students at my former university.
-Following the reduce, re-use, recycle model.
-Limiting air travel.
-Thinking of the environment when making purchases.
-Making regular personal donations to charity.
-Pro-bono work for not-for-profit organisations and charities.
-Championing small businesses.
-Proud feminist.
-Choosing suppliers who have a strong sense of CSR.
-Donating 5% of profit to charity (Apr-Jun will be Follyfoot, Jan-Mar 2022 was One Can Trust)
-Joined the Prompt Payment Code and the Good Business Charter.

What I’m going to do next.
-Develop free research resource to help SMEs.