• Amanda Claesens looking over the top of her laptop

Hello! ACE Market Research was founded by me, Amanda Claesens. I’ve been in the research industry since 1994.

I left uni after my Business Studies degree, still unsure about what I wanted to be when I “grew up”.  I stumbled into a temporary job as a telephone interviewer for a local research company and found that I really enjoyed the nature and variety of the work – it gave me the direction I’d been seeking. I went on to find a graduate trainee job with a small research agency in Oxford, I built a solid career foundation and invested 20 years there.

In 2015 the time was right to set up my own consultancy.  ACE Market Research was born.  I now have a range of clients across all sectors from big blue chips through to smaller local charities.  I’ve built long-term clients as well as taking on short-term one-off projects, every day is different and I can say, hand on heart, that work never feels like “work”.

Things that are important to me and my work …

Relationships – I’ve worked for many of my clients for over 15 years.   Of course I’ll work with you on a one-off project, but I hope you’ll see the benefit of long-term partnership and come back for more insight.  Many of my clients have become friends, I enjoy building relationships, but if long term isn’t what you are looking for, that’s fine too!

Integrity – In the age of “fake news” everything we do is under scrutiny.  As a member of the Market Research Society I adhere to their Code of Conduct which ensures all research is conducted and reported in an appropriate manner.

Reliability – This is a really important value to me.  I will deliver quality data, on time, every time.  I’m organised to within an inch of my life, I don’t forget deadlines or conversations.  You can count on me.

Simplicity – I am a numbers geek, I work with a lot of data, lots of numbers, lots of spreadsheets (which I know most people find incredibly dull!).  I analyse and translate those numbers into meaningful information and will report in plain English, giving you a clear, actionable plan.  Cryptic clues are not my thing!

Objectivity – I always look at both sides of the story in a calm and rational way.  Sometimes research doesn’t give us the answers we want to hear, but it will always give us answers that we can turn into actions.

If you have a business challenge, I’d love to help you solve it. 

Or if you are just unsure whether market research could help you, then get in touch for a chat. 

I am a member of The Market Research Society.

I am registered with the ICO.

I have signed the ICO public register to pledge support for my customers data rights.

I’m proud to be a member of the organisations below.  They have all provided invaluable support to me since becoming an independent consultant.